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Raj Kundra’s Case Gets Into A Twist As Co-accused Arvindkumar Srivastav And Yash Thakur Turns Out To Be One Person

The police discovered that two suspects – Arvindkumar Srivastav and Yash Thakur – are the same individual in the ongoing pornography investigation against businessman Raj Kundra. This was discovered after the police issued a lookout notice for both of their identities.

The co-accused in the case, who claimed that Raj Kundra paid a bribe of Rs 25 lakh to the cops to delay his arrest, now claims that he is being “framed” for refusing to pay up. Srivastava used the alias of a deceased man, Yash Thakur, who lived in Indore and died in August 2020 due to a brain tumour, according to the news.

According to the report, the crime branch discovered that Srivastava was attempting to elude law authorities by assuming the name of a deceased man. Srivastava admitted to using both identities in a statement, saying, “like Akshay Kumar uses two identities and various people in the film industry do.”

Meanwhile, Srivastava has maintained that the films were erotica rather than porn, despite the fact that the Crime Branch probe indicates he was running portals on behalf of a Bhopal-based intelligence agency officer.

The wife of a Bhopal-based intelligence agency officer purportedly ran a company called Flizmovies OPC Pvt. Ltd., according to the police. Srivastava aka Thakur allegedly communicated with him via Yahoo Messenger in 2005 about creating an OTT platform to host award-winning short films, according to the officer. According to the officer, Thakur handled the company’s affairs once they chose to start it. He backed out in August 2020 after learning that the platform had pornographic content. According to the officer, he even battled with Thakur about shutting down the site that was functioning in his wife’s name. Nuefliks later bought the company, which cops claim is owned by Srivastava.

While Srivastava has denied knowing any central government officials, he also claims to be a middleman for, which is accused of uploading X-rated material.

So far, 11 people have been arrested in the case, including actor Shilpa Shetty’s husband Raj Kundra, for allegedly making sexual videos and profiting handsomely from the illegal business.

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