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Prabhas’ Starrer Salaar Likely To Break Record Of Baahubali. Tamil Audience Don’t Want It

Salaar is being prevented from crossing Baahubali by Tamil viewers. It is commonly acknowledged that SS Rajamouli’s Baahubali: The Beginning marked the beginning of Prabhas’s career as a pan-Indian celebrity. The movie did well not just in the Telugu states but also in other regions of India. The enormous popularity of the movie was also greatly influenced by the Tamil Nadu performance. It’s odd that Tamil viewers are preventing Salaar from seeing Baahubali.

Part One of Baahubali The Salaar movie’s current gross is 540Cr, compared to its 600Cr closing gross. This is a 60Cr discrepancy in gross between the two films. In order for Baahubali to be released, the movie needs to play for two more weeks in Telugu and Hindi.

If the Tamil audience had supported Prashanth Neel’s action drama Salaar, it could have easily surpassed Baahubali’s records. The film Salaar has already surpassed Baahubali 1 in Telugu, Hindi, and Kerala. Even though Salaar and Baahubali 1 differ greatly in Karnataka, Salaar’s success in other regions has more than made up for it.

Salaar’s gross and Baahubali’s first part’s gross, excluding Tamil Nadu, are now both 520 Cr. However, Baahubali amassed 80Cr in Tamil Nadu, while Salaar only brought in 20 Cr. Therefore, the 60Cr gap between Salaar and Baahubali prevents the former from catching up to the latter. The Telugu and Hindi versions’ stats are crucial starting today for Salaar in order to close the deficit.

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