Thursday, May 26, 2022
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Thursday, May 26, 2022
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PM Modi To Chair Review Meeting On Covid-19 As Omicron Tally Reaches 238

The total omicron tally in India has reached 238 on Thursday, said the Union Health Ministry.

Maharashtra is on the top of list to have reported the highest number of omicron cases which stood at 65, followed by Delhi at 57, Telengana at 24, Gujarat at 23, Rajasthan at 22 and Karanataka at 19.

On Wednesday Uttarakhand and Haryana had also reported their first omicron case.

As omicron tally rises in the country, Prime Minister Narendra has decided to chair a review meeting on Covid-19 situation in the country today.

Gujarat on Wednesday reported total 9 new Omicron cases that took the tally to 23. Out of the 9 cases, Ahmedabad reported 5 cases and districts Mehsana and Anand reported 2 each.treatment

Out of the total 23 cases in Gujarat, 4 have been discharged and the 19 remaining are still under the treatment.

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