Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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Oxygen shortage at Delhi’s top private hospital kills 25 patients

Currently 500 Covid patients are being treated at the Ganga Ram hospital.

At least 25 sick patients have died in Delhi’s Ganga Ram Hospital in last 24 hours due to scarcity of covid resources.

The hospital has also released an SOS this morning in which it said that the hospital has oxygen for only two more hours and there are 60 more patients at risk.

“25 sickest patients have died in last 24 hours Oxygen will last another two hours. Ventilators and Bipap not working effectively. Resorting to manual ventilation in ICUs and Emergency. Major crisis likely. Lives of another 60 sickest patients at risk, need urgent intervention,” said a statement released by the hospital Director.

The hospital demanded an urgent airlifting of oxygen.

The low oxygen availability can result in more and more deaths, said sources.

Ganga Ram hospital is one of the top private hospitals in Delhi. Currently 500 Covid patients are being treated in the hospital.

Apart from Ganga Ram there are many other hospitals in Delhi that are facing shortage of Covid resources like beds, medicines, oxygen etc.

From past 3-4 days these hospitals are seeking for help from the government and many of them have even approached to the Delhi High Court begging for help.

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