Sunday, June 4, 2023
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Sunday, June 4, 2023
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Over 60 Dead, Transports Affected In Worst Ever US Blizzard

The US winter storm has led to over 60 deaths at different parts across the country with Buffalo suffering the major hit.

Media reports claims that 62 people have lost their lives in the worst ever blizzard.

Then temperatures even in Central Florida went to minus 2.7 Celsius over the weekend.

In Buffalo, people are dying in cars, snowbanks and homes. Some have even died while shovelling the snow and some died when they could not get any response from the emergency crews in medical crisis.

Referring to the blizzard, a Democrat, Poloncarz said it is “the worst storm probably in our lifetime, ” even in the areas known for heavy snow.

It is expected that more bodies will be recovered once the snow melts.

This deadly winter storm left people shivering without heat, closed the airports and stranded people inside their cars for days.

Over 4,000 households and businesses were affected with long power outages.

On Tuesday, the state and military police ordered a ban on driving in Buffalo because of snow-choked roads.

Meanwhile, in California heavy winds, snow and rain had caused lower temperatures on Christmas.

According to the National Weather Service, there are reports of flooding on roads and downed trees and branches as heavy storm blew from northern to southern parts.

The US government had hit out at the Southwest Airlines on Tuesday after it cancelled thousands of flights citing reasons that low-cost carrier needed upgrades.

A day before also the Southwest Airlines had cancelled flights due to heavy winter storm which has caused major suffering to the country.

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