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Opposition Leads Heated Debate In Lok Sabha On Tuesday, Accuse BJP Of Dividing Manipur

No-Confidence Motion by the Opposition against the BJP government in Lok Sabha led to a fierce debate on Tuesday. Opposition accused the centre of dividing Manipur.

Despite being low in numbers, the Opposition said the main aim of the motion was to compel Prime Minister Modi to speak on Manipur issue. The issue has dominated this Monsoon Session since its beginning on July 20.

Congress MP Gaurav Gogoi, who started the debate in Lok Sabba said that PM Modi’s silence forced the Opposition to lead a No-confidence Motion. The BJP government which often stresses upon “one India” has created “two Manipurs, one living in the hills and the other in the valley,” he further said.

Meanwhile, Union Home Minister Amit Shah accused the Opposition of avoiding the debate on Manipur. “The question is Manipur situation and what steps the government is taking there, not a show of strength by voting. If you want voting, I dare you to make this bill fall through voting,” he also said.

Ahead of the big vote, PM Modi headed BJP’s Parliamentary Party meet on Tuesday where he launched a sharp attack on INDIA alliance saying that the Opposition’s No-Confidence Motion was not to show distrust in the government but to check whether they can trust each other in Opposition.

Since the formation of INDIA alliance by the Opposition, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has frequently accused the Opposition parties especially Congress of trying to whitewash their past records.

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