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Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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‘Only Originality Sells — The Copy Has No Value,’ Says Imran To Pakistan’s Filmmakers

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan has asked the country’s movie producers to make new and original content rather than just openly copying Bollywood, India’s Hindi entertainment world. Talking at a short film celebration in Islamabad, Khan said that mistakes were made at first as the Pakistani entertainment world was “influenced” by Bollywood, bringing about a culture that proceeded with the act of copying and receiving another country’s way of life.

“So the most important thing I want to say to young filmmakers is that according to my experience of the world, only originality sells — the copy has no value,” said the prime minister, as per the Dawn newspaper in Pakistan. He further focused the significance of originality and encouraged the Pakistani entertainment world to concoct better approaches for intuition.

Pointing out the impact of Hollywood and Bollywood on Pakistan’s popular culture, Imran Khan said individuals in the nation don’t purportedly watch local content except it has a business turn. “So my (advice) to young filmmakers is to bring your own original thinking and don’t fear failure,” he was cited as saying. “It is my life’s experience that the one who is afraid of defeat can never win.”

Imran Khan’s assertions come in the midst of the backdrop of Pakistan aiming to update its insight at the global level. Talking about Pakistan’s “image” as seen worldwide, Khan said that the nation is misinterpreted as “soft” because of a feeling of inferiority and defensiveness running back to the alleged ‘war on terror’. “The world respect those who respect themselves,” said Imran Khan.

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