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Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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NR Congress Likely Contest Alone In Puducherry

The sources within the NR Congress say that the party leader N Rangaswamy wants to fight elections alone in Puducherry without forming an alliance with BJP. The majority ruling party, who managed to defeat the Narayanswamy led government in Puducherry is seeing itself not being asked by NR Congress to form an alliance just ahead of polls too.

The former Chief Minister V Narayansamy, who resigned after failing to prove majority had denied to form its government from support of three MLAs from BJP for the remaining period until the results of elections on May 2 in Puducherry has not spoken anything after his meeting with a BJP leader Nirmal Kumar Surana’s meeting.  

Puducherry’s BJP president V Swaminathan today said, “We respect him, we want him to be our chief minister. Rest is his decision. He should understand he could bring about changes only in alliance with the centre.”

“The party has good candidates and Mr Rangasamy wants his party to contest in at least in 18 of the 30 seats to form government of his own. He feels there is no need for alliance with the BJP and that it would be counter-productive,” told a source close to Mr Rangaswamy.

“Maybe the BJP should announce him to be the chief ministerial candidate and give him the seats he wants, then he may say yes,” said another source in the party.

Congress’s ally DMK, which had prior skimmed challenging in more number of seats too has welcomed NR Congress to battle as a part of UPA. AMH Nazee, a former DMK minister in a video request a couple of days prior said, “The Congress, DMK and the entirety of our partners are prepared to remain behind him.”

In another turn of events, Congress president AV Subramanian supported this. “This would assist the coalition with winning an immense dominant part. We need to finish the counter just techniques being embraced by the BJP,” he said.

Kamal Haasan’s MNM also supported later.

The five-year-old Congress-DMK alliance led by Narayanasamy fell a month ago after six MLAs from both Congress and DMK resigned. Two out of those six joined BJP.

Meanwhile, the BJP is probably going to challenge alone, but its not clear if AIADMK, its ally, would proceed with its ties with NR Congress or change to the BJP coalition.

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