Friday, October 7, 2022
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Friday, October 7, 2022
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NIA Busts Islamic Module In Delhi Ahead Of Independence Day

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) has dismantled an Islamic State (IS) module in Delhi ahead of Independence Day.

Mohsin Ahmad was detained by the NIA on Saturday due to his “active” engagement with the IS.

The agency searched his Batla House apartment in Delhi and discovered that he was a participant in both the IS’s online and offline operations.

Ahmad, who is originally from Patna, allegedly participated in raising money for the IS from supporters both inside and outside of India.

The insider claimed that he was transferring these funds in the form of cryptocurrencies to Syria and other locations.

In a Delhi court, the NIA introduced the defendant and asked for seven days of imprisonment.

In order to thwart the IS’s plot to launch “something huge” against India, the NIA conducted 13 raids across seven states, including Maharashtra, and detained 48 individuals with links to the group – 13 on August 1 and 35 on July 31.

Exclusive information from top intelligence sources indicates that Zufri Johar Damodi, who was detained in Bhatkal, Karnataka, in August 2021 on suspicion of having ties to the IS, was questioned as a result of the detentions.

The agency had been monitoring Voice of Hind, an IS publication focused on India, for the previous year using leads from Damodi, the insider revealed confidentially.

According to the source, the agency saw that the magazine contained incredibly minute data about the actual situation on the ground in India, which would not have been feasible without the help of locals. The 48 men connected to the IS were found because to this, he claimed.

The 48 guys, according to the CIA source, were producing content for the Voice of Hind and other organizations connected to the ISKP.

According to a top intelligence source who spoke exclusively to CNN-News18 recently, the Central government is alarmed by the growing network of terrorist organizations and wants the NIA to prosecute criminals and punish them equally with terrorists.

The NIA is to investigate all gangsters’ operations at the request of the government.

According to the source, the CIA has been tasked with investigating their terrorism, drug trafficking, and weapon supply operations in India.

According to the source, the government believes that the gangsters’ connections to Canadian and Pakistani Khalistani groups pose a major threat to the nation.

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