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Saturday, November 27, 2021
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What are the new detected Covid-19 symptoms amid the second wave ?

The world is managing the fury of the COVID-19 pandemic. After a brief period of relief India has ben hit by the second wave of this highly infectious and destructive virus. As of April 9, the nation has gone over one more record-breaking flood in cases with 1,31,968 cases in a single day. This isn’t the first run through when India has seen more than 1 lakh cases in a day. It’s the fourth time when the country is witnessing a situation like this in last 5 days. The total death toll has risen to 1,67,64 in the country with 780 deaths in last 24 hours.

As per the figures it is clear that the condition is very critical and we as people need to keep ourselves alert over cleanliness and sterilization to stay safe. Likewise, since the infection is spreading on a fast scale, this second wave is by all accounts considerably more infectious and deadly which is even causing illness to even the healthier ones.

Aside from this there are some new and uncommon symptoms of the virus which have been detected.

Here is the list of those new and uncommon symptoms

Joint pain

Skin problems on fingers and toes

Hearing loss/ impairment

Pink Eyes or conjunctivitis

Abdominal Pain


Gastrointestinal Symptoms

Body aches

Despite the fact that COVID-19 infection is supposed to be risky for adults or the ones with weak immunity, the new wave is coming out to be dangerous for the healthier Indeed, according to specialists more younger individuals are excessively experiencing the deadly complexities of the equivalent. Medical problems like Multi systematic Inflammatory Syndrome which was before something uncommon to be seen in Coronavirus cases is currently probably the greatest concern. Aside from that bilateral pneumonia is likewise something which should be worried about.

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