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NCPCR Asks Netflix To Stop Streaming ‘Bombay Begums’ Over Inappropriate Portrayal Of Children

Quoting inappropriate portrayal of children in web series “Bombay Begums,” the National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) on Thursday ordered Netflix to stop streaming the series.

In its notice to Netflix the NCPCR asked the OTT platform to present a detailed action report within 24 hours and failing at which will lead to legal prosecution.

Opposing the inappropriate portrayal of children in the series the Commission said that it will not only contaminate the young minds but will also lead to child abuse and exploitation.

The action by the Commission comes after an individual filed a complaint which alleged the series for normalizing the children involved in casual sex and drug abuse.

“Netflix should take extra precaution while streaming any content in respect of the children or for the children and shall also refrain themselves from getting into such things,” read the notice by NCPCR.

“Therefore, you are directed to look into this matter and immediately stop streaming of this series and furnish a detailed action report within 24 hours, failing which the Commission will be constrained to initiate appropriate action pursuant to the provisions of Section 14 of the CPCR (Commission for Protection of Child Rights) Act, 2005,” said the Commission.

The series “Bombay Begums” goes through the lives of five different women who want different things in life.

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