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Self-described film critic Kamaal Rashid Khan, often known as KRK, is well known for picking Twitter confrontations with a number of famous people. His derogatory remarks about actresses and his film reviews frequently land him in the news. The Deshdrohi actor is back, but this time he believes that Ram Setu, starring Akshay Kumar, and Thank God, starring Ajay Devgn, have already become flops even before they hit theaters.

Both movies are competing at the box office this Diwali, as many of you are already aware. The arrival of the movies in theaters has been highly anticipated by fans, and advance bookings for both high-profile movies have already started. There are many expectations for the movie, and there is also a lot of talk on social media.

A video that KRK posted on his YouTube channel a while back is currently going viral. The Deshdrohi actor was heard complaining in the video that the advance booking revenue for both Ram Setu and Thank God had fallen short of expectations given their festive release.

He continued by saying that Akshay Kumar’s movie only managed to sell about Rs 25,000 worth of advance tickets. The actor went on to predict that the film’s lifetime earnings may be between 60 and 70 crore, with the opening day takings perhaps possibly reaching Rs 10 crore.

Regarding Thank God, KRK asserted that Khiladi Kumar’s picture did better at the box office than Ajay Devgn’s movie, which only sold 20,000 seats through pre booking. Additionally, he predicted that the movie may earn between Rs. 7-8 crores on its opening day and Rs. 50 crores during its whole existence.

The actor who plays Deshdrohi also outlined three major reasons why both movies failed to find success at the box office. He pointed the finger at the current T20 match, the solar eclipse, and both superstars’ selection of Hindutva-inspired film scripts. He continued to criticize both idols for deceiving the public and appearing in contentious Pan masala commercials.

KRK took a dig at Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgn by saying, “In Dono ka kaam hi yahi hai ki, apna kaam hai banta, bhaadme jaaye janta. Ram Ram japna, paraya maal apna. Yeh dono aise actors hai jo public ko keeda makoda samajte hai. Public ki toh baat hi chod dijiye, yeh toh apne nirmataon (producers) ko bhi keeda makoda samajte hai.”

Kamaal Khan continued to criticize Akshay Kumar by bringing up a number of claims, including Sushant Singh Rajput’s passing and disparaging pilgrims to Vaishno devi.

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