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Tuesday, March 21, 2023
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Muslim Community Hold Protest Outside Hindu Temple In Smethwick Of England

Nearly 200 Muslims were gathered outside a Hindu temple in West Midlands’ Smethwick town, England to execute a pre-planned protest on September 20.

Widely circulated videos of the protest over the social media showed huge crowd marching towards the Durga Bhawan Hindu Centre on Soon Lane.

Many from the crowd were heard sloganeering ‘Allahu Akbar’.

As soon after the law enforcement personnel tried to calm down the situation and restore public order, many of the protesters tried to climb on the walls.

Reportedly, an alleged account named Apna Muslims on social media had called for the ‘peaceful protest’ outside the Hindu temple on Tuesday.

The occurrence comes close behind brutal conflicts that emitted in the happened in the eastern England city of Leicester after an India-Pakistan cricket match. There were even reports of Hindu temple being vandalized and pulling down of saffron flag by some unknown people.

The police during the protests that erupted following the India-Pakistan Asia Cup match in Dubai had called it a “serious disorder” and “significant aggression”.

The Indian High Commission in the England capital London has strongly condemned the protest against the Indian community and has demanded for the protection of those affected or likely to be affected.

The police has so for detained 47 people in the alleged ongoing Leicester violence.

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