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Sunday, December 5, 2021
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Mumbai-Pune To Report Higher Surge In Cases In Third Wave. 1.36 Lakh Cases May Register On Peak Day

The state’s public health department predicts that 60 lakh cases will be recorded In account of third wave of Covid-19. Most of these cases will be coming from Mumbai and Pune during peak days, said a media report.

On March 11, Mumbai had recorded 91,100 cases at the peak point of the second wave, but for third wave the government predicts 1.36 lakh cases on the peak day. On March 19, 1.25 lakh cases were recorded in Pune, and it is likely that 1.87 lakh cases will be accounted for on the third wave’s peak day.

On a typical Mumbai peak day, 88,823 patients will remain at home, 47,928 will be in and hospitals need ICU beds with ventilators. In Pune, 1.21 lakh individuals might quarantine at home, with 1,314 requiring ICU beds with ventilators.

The peak day of second wave in Thane district of Mumbai recorded 86,732 cases, while the third wave is relied upon to have a peak day with 1.3 lakh cases and 911 individuals needing ICU beds with ventilators.

The cases in Nagpur are relied upon to increase from 80,000 on the second wave’s peak day to 1.21 lakh on the third wave’s peak day, with 850 individuals needing ICU beds on ventilators.

According to the report, Mumbai will require 250MT of oxygen, Pune will require 270MT, Thane 187MT, Nagpur 175MT and Nashik 114MT.

The public health department has also stressed that no medication need to be procured or distributed which isn’t referenced in the protocol. The state is currently acquiring medicines and consumables for the third wave and all medicines will be provided by the government only.

Minimum of two months of support stock should be kept in a district.

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