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Mahesh Bhatt Opens About His And Mother’s Struggle As Being ‘Illegitimate Child’

Mahesh Bhatt, a seasoned director known for speaking his opinion, has shared details of his upbringing and how he was labeled as a “illegitimate child” due to the circumstances. Bhatt disclosed how his mother, despite being a Muslim, had to hide her identity and live like a Hindu in a new episode of The Invincibles.

The director, who was raised by a Muslim mother and a Hindu father after being born outside of marriage, talked about being labeled as a “illegitimate child” in the past. “I was born in 1948, it was post-independence India, and my mother was a Shia Muslim, but we lived in Shivaji Park where most people were Hindus, and she concealed her identity and wore a saree, embellished with a tika,” he said.

According to Bhatt, their home was referred to as the “illegitimate house,” and they only received leftovers. Bhatt began by describing his father, a filmmaker who resided in Andheri with his other family. “When he came to our house, I felt as if an outsider has come,” Bhatt said. I would run into ruthless individuals who would corner me and question me about my father.

He also said that until he told a lie about his father and his place of origin, he had to endure such attacks. Bullies stopped bothering him once he accepted it and began to admit that his father does not reside with me. He also related the incident in which a news item referred to him as a “bastrd”. “You’re a,” the writer said, leaving the sentence open-ended. She had a grin on her face when I said, “You mean a ‘bastrd,'” meaning she had made her headline.

Mahesh recalled his first paycheck, which was Rs 53 when he was 15 or 16 years old: “I remember bringing it to my mother and I walked to her with pride and I said’money.'” She kept it in her shirt after giving it a quick glance and said, “Isko mai apne kaleje ke paas rakhungi.” (I will keep it close to my heart).

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