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Know what the Netflix movie ‘The White Tiger’ explores

I’m guessing most of you have heard of or seen pictures of a white tiger. Did you ever think about the meaning that the white tiger can have for someone and their beliefs? If not, Netflix’s new film “The White Tiger” may be able to help you with that. 

The film takes place in Delhi and follows the life of Balram Halawii who is played by Adarsh Gourav. As a child, Balram is told by his teacher that he is a white tiger, meaning he is the type of person that only comes around once in a generation. As the story unfolds and Balram encounters different challenges in his life, the audience is able to understand why the movie is titled “The White Tiger.” 

Balram pursued the expectation people in his culture were wanting to achieve. Going through his adventure of achieving this expectation, he desires more. He comes to reconcile that he deserves more in his life. Balram is a complex character whose traits seem to make him neither the protagonist nor the antagonist.

Before watching “The White Tiger,” I wanted to see other people’s reactions to the movie. Perri Nemiroff, a critic for Rotten Tomatoes, describes “The White Tiger” as “a wild, stylized ride with just the grounded touch needed to infuse this whirlwind with great purpose and heart.” I couldn’t agree more with her statement about the movies. The thrill and empowerment that went into this movie can make one’s heart jump. 

This film was written beautifully. It is humorous, suspenseful, with a touch of crime drama. 

You also get the opportunity to learn more about Indian culture. There are certain scenes from the movie that really blew me away. Frankly, I found it so interesting to learn about a culture that was different than mine. 

Indian and American culture collides in this film. Pinky Madam, played by Priyanka Chopra, is a character in the movie who comes from New York City to India. When she moves to India, she starts to discover the political and cultural differences between America and India. Chopra was able to beautifully portray Pinky’s emotions of disgust and sympathy. 

This film is a fantastic one to watch if you are into crime and suspense. Also, if you enjoy learning about different cultures. The entire plot of the film centers around Balram making huge decisions to improve his life. Does he achieve the desires he has? Well, that’s something for you to find out. Overall, “The White Tiger” is a 10/10 in my book. Don’t believe me? Give it a watch. 

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