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Friday, December 8, 2023
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Kangana Ranaut Blames Karan Johar Of Banning Priyanka Chopra Over Friendship With SRK

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut, who isn’t afraid to speak her opinion, accused director Karan Johar on Tuesday of ‘banning’ international star Priyanka Chopra-Jones due to their friendship with superstar Shah Rukh Khan.

Priyanka revealed in a recent interview that she had made the decision to leave the Hindi film business because she felt “pushed into a corner” and had grown “tired of politics.”

Kangana posted a story to Twitter under the heading: “Priyanka Chopra claims she moved to the US due to “beef” with Bollywood insiders: Was being cornered, and I was sick of the games.

This is what @priyankachopra has to say about Bollywood, people ganged up on her, bullied her, and chased her out of the film business,’ Kangana tweeted as the article’s caption. A self-made woman was forced to leave India. Everyone is aware that Karan Johar had forbidden her.

She even claimed that Priyanka left the country because Karan “harassed” her.

She added, “Media wrote extensively about her fallout with Karan Johar because of her friendship with SRK and movie mafia Cruella who is always looking for vulnerable outsiders, saw a perfect punching bag in PC and went all out in harassing her to a point where she had to leave India.” in another tweet.

‘This obnoxious, jealous, mean and toxic individual should be held accountable for ruining the culture and environment of the film industry, which was never hostile to outsiders in the days of AB or SRK,’ she continued in a subsequent post. It is necessary to conduct a raid and hold the mafia PR responsible for their harassment of strangers.

In terms of her professional life, Kangana Ranaut recently wrapped up filming for her forthcoming movie, “Chandramukhi 2.” The movie is the follow-up to the hugely popular Tamil horror comedy “Chandramukhi,” in which Rajinikanth and Jyothika appeared as the leads. Actress Kangana Ranaut will play a dancer in the king’s palace who was renowned for her beauty and dance prowess in the movie.

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