Friday, May 27, 2022
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Friday, May 27, 2022
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Jammu Police Shots Down Drone In Jammu’s Kanachak Area On Friday.

A drone has been shot on Friday in Kanachak area of Jammu and Kashmir. The police has also found explosives in the drone.

“A drone was shot down in Kanachak area and explosive material was recovered. Details are awaited,” Jammu and Kashmir Police has said.

A suspected drone was also spotted in Satwari area on Wednesday. While on July 16, a drone that was doing rounds around the Jammu Air Base was caught by the radars of anti-drone system deployed by the National Security Guard (NSG) deployed there.

This anti-drone system has been deployed in the city after the drone attack on Jammu Air Base took place last month.

Not Just in Jammu but the Air Force has taken measures to prevent such attack on any Air Base across the country after the drone attack. It has also tightened itself against any threat from small drones.

It was the first ever drone terror attack.

After the Jammu attack, the quantity of drone sightings has gone up radically and there have been a few occurrences where the Army and Border Security Forces (BSF) troops at the line have terminated at them.

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