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Intruders In Parliament Wanted To Create ‘Anarchy’, Accused Tell In Interrogation

The Delhi Police in its interrogation discovered that Lalit Jha – the prime accused in Parliament security breach and his aide wanted to create “anarchy” across the country to force government to fulfill their demands.

As per the sources, the police is now planning to seek approval deon the Parliament to recreate the incident that took place on the 22nd anniversary of Parliament attack 2001.

Five out of six accused have been arrested in the security breach involving smoking canisters and protests in the Parliamentary premises. Two of them – Manoranjan D and Sagar Sharma were arrested from the Lok Sabha chamber while, the other two – Anmol Shinde and Neelam Devi were arrested from outside the Parliament building.

During interrogation, Jha admitted that he met with the co-accused many times to plan the security breach at the Parliament. Jha is from Bihar and he has also worked as a teacher in Kolkata. Jha has been sent to seven-day police custody on Friday.

Initially, Jha had decided for an outside protest but realised that it lacked in its required impact so decided to infiltrate Parliament.

The Police also discovered that the accused used google to gain information and the searches including methods for secure communication, studying old videos of Parliament security measures. The accused used a Signal app to communicate with each to avoid detection.

Now, the Police is aiming to find out whether Jha had any connections to enemy country or terrorist organization.

According to the police, Jha has destroyed mobile phones of the accused involved in the breach in Rajasthan. He will now be taken to Rajasthan to retrace his steps.

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