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Tuesday, October 3, 2023
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Indian Evacuated From Sudan Under Operation Kaveri Loses All Hopes To Return Back

Divya Rajasekharan, who had just come from the African nation, claimed she had given up hope of ever going back to Sudan after having all of her money and goods stolen during the conflict there. After being flown from the national capital to Chennai, she stated, “A pair of dress and passport is all that I have now,” while holding them up in the airport on Thursday afternoon.

Divya, one of the first nine Tamils to be evacuated from the war-torn Sudan as part of Operation Kaveri, claimed that the picture of Sudan she had loved over the eight years she spent there had drastically changed during the past 15 days.

She was joined by Sophia from Vellore as she remarked, “We anticipated that the battle would cease in a couple of days but our sorrows worsened from the third day.

Her home was not far from the paramilitary leader’s office. She described her experience, saying, “My car, money, and other valuables were taken away, and on the eighth day of the conflict we became nomads.”

She and other Indians living in similar circumstances were fortunately contacted by the Indian embassy, who transported them to New Delhi.

Five people from Chennai and Vellore were airlifted to this airport, while four people from Madurai left immediately for their homeland.

“I now have to rebuild my entire life. Divya, who is from Madipakkam, expressed her lack of hope in going back to Sudan and praised the federal and state governments for their crucial assistance in saving them.

“We survived on rice, pickles, and curd but subsequently were lost without food or water. I am expecting… The Indian embassy officials got in touch with us at this point and urged us to leave the city to stay safe until we were transferred to port Sudan,” Sophia added.

When Rajasekharan noticed the military personnel pounding on his door, he was startled. Rajasekharan summoned the confidence to open the door since he knew that failing to do so would result in disaster. I was questioned about my ethnicity. They gave us their word that they wouldn’t hurt us. The IT specialist reported that they demanded food, water, and cash in addition to taking away their car.

In order to help the rescue effort, the State government established control centres at the Tamil Nadu House in Delhi and the Commissionerate of Rehabilitation and Welfare of Non-Resident Tamils in Chennai. It advised anyone from the State who was trapped in Sudan to get in touch with the Commissionerate by emailing nrtchennai@gmail.com or calling 9600023645.

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