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India Today Conclave 2023: Wide Topics Discussed Ranging From RRR’s Oscar Win To Indian Politics

The first day of the 2023 India Today Conclave featured talks and monologues on a variety of subjects, including society, politics, defense, artificial intelligence, and amusement. The first day of the two-day India Today Conclave featured a number of exciting workshops.

Chairman and Editor-in-Chief of India Today Group Aroon Purie gave a greeting address to begin the day. “Our phenomenal pace of digitization is the development that is changing India the most,” he said. The lives of those at the summit and bottom of the pyramid are being transformed by it. India’s time has come.

Day 1 of Conclave 2023 featured a who’s who of speakers, including Home Minister Amit Shah, General Manoj Pande, Chief of the Army Staff, Smriti Irani, Shashi Tharoor, superstar actor Ram Charan, cricket icon Sachin Tendulkar, and political philosopher Michael Sandel, among others.

General Manoj Pande, the Chief of Army Staff, spoke during the first session of the event about the preparedness of the Indian armed forces and how AI could revolutionize combat.

According to him, the Indian armed forces are in the midst of a transformation that is resulting in increased operational effectiveness while also keeping them highly alert to the danger posed by Pakistan and China.

The Indian military is modernizing through a number of measures, according to Army Chief Gen. Manoj Pande, by utilizing the potential of a specialized technology. He claimed the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) could completely alter the nature of combat.

In her remarks on Hindutva during the second session, Union Minister Smriti Irani noted that the “Hindu rate of growth” was imposed in the 1970s and implied that the Hindu way of life was unchanging, content, and stagnant.

Smriti Irani said, in reference to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, “My way of life gives the country a Pradhan Sevak, who looks at all Indians equally, who works diligently for the country and ensures that everyone received the maximum medical support during the Covid-19 pandemic under the Ayushman Bharat program.”

Shashi Tharoor, a Congressman, spoke extensively about “Ambedkar and Inclusion” and stated that his vision of India is one in which Indians should be free to choose what to consume and whom to love. He claimed that in his vision of India, no one would be torn apart because of their past.

“In India, in my opinion, the government does not dictate what we should consume, who we should love, or what to say. All Indians will be allowed to live, eat, speak, and thrive without any fear in an India where people return to the previous Constitution, he claimed.

The Congress MP said, “That is an India that will truly sparkle and it will truly shine for all.

Atishi, the head of the AAP, took aim at the Centre over the Adani-Hindenburg dispute and claimed that despite violations, some conglomerates were getting away with it because of what appeared to be close links to the ruling party.

“Why is there more disparity in the nation now? It is as a result of some individuals receiving more favor than others. She said at the India Today Conclave 2023, “You have some business groups that are closer to the governing parties, whose net worth goes up from $7.3 billion in 2014 to $140 billion in 2020.

During her remarks at the India Today Conclave, Smriti Irani, a minister for the Union, claimed that India was on the road to economic development and was poised to become a superpower. “On the one hand, we talk about a growing Indian economy, but in the Human Development Index (HDI), which measures equality, education, and health, India is slipping in the world rankings year over year,” she said.

Lt. Gen. Zameer Uddin Shah (retired) greeted the audience with “Jai Hind” as he started his opening comments at the India Today Conclave on Friday. He declared that to be “my idea of India,” adding that “the idea was adopted as a greeting by the armed forces of the country, as it belongs to neither religion nor community.”

He talked about growing up as a Muslim in India and claimed that while serving in the Indian Army, he never had to confront or deal with communalism.

Sachin Tendulkar, the World Cup-winning Indian cricketer, said on Friday that the 50-over format of ODI cricket is “boring” and “too predictable,” which is a critical evaluation of the game’s health.

Sachin Tendulkar was blunt in his criticism of the condition of ODI cricket during his speech at the India Today Conclave 2023 in New Delhi.

The ICC has downplayed worries that one-day international cricket is becoming less significant by emphasizing that nations all over the globe are scheduling a “healthy” number of ODIs. However, the proliferation of franchise-based T20 leagues around the globe and the condensed cricket schedule have prompted commentators and former players to question the utility of the ODI format.

According to renowned author and China expert Michael Pillsbury, who spoke at the India Today Conclave 2023, the United States’ preference for China is the reason why the one-party state expanded exponentially while India lagged behind.

“The US’s decision to heavily invest in China and transfer all technological advancements and scientific findings to China helped China advance… According to Pillsbury, the US administration favored China over India.

Anil Agarwal, chairman of Vedanta Resources Limited, stated on Friday that it is time for India to be considered a first-world country, noting the nation’s rapid advancement in a number of industries, such as electronics manufacturing and renewable energy.

The 69-year-old billionaire industrialist thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the government during his session at the India Today Conclave 2023 in Delhi for placing India on the map among other economic superpowers. Agarwal cited the use of green and hydrogen-powered energy as two areas in which India is advancing.

The following guest at Conclave 2023 was the mentalist and psychological illusionist Suhani Shah.

What exactly are illusions and magic? Are you also perplexed? Suhani’s answer may provide some clarity for you. “The parent group is magic. Street magic, mentalism, and illusion are all subsets. Every mentalist is a performer, but not every mentalist will also be a magician. Simply put, magic is a category, Suhani said.

According to Sanjiv Goenka, chairman of the RPSG Group, India has transformed into a country with amazing possibilities thanks to the government’s vision.

The 62-year-old industrialist claimed during his session that India is evolving into a genuine global production and talent hub. He gave the government credit for developing the infrastructure that makes it a “wonderful place to live in and work in”. In order to make doing business even easier, regulations are being loosened and simplified, according to Goenka.

Sanam Naraghi Anderlini stated at the India Today Conclave 2023 that the anti-hijab demonstrations in Iran were a pivotal movement. It was the result of three generations getting together on the street to promote women’s freedom. Men supporting women’s rights while standing shoulder to shoulder with them was more unusual to see.

A group of all women discussed “Hijab. Hate. Furthermore, State: The defense of human liberties. feminism is also in flux in the Muslim world. in 2023 at the India Today Conclave.

Another topic covered during the Conclave 2023 session was the situation in Afghanistan, where there have been numerous accounts of women being oppressed ever since the Taliban took control of the nation.

Amitabh Kant, the former CEO of Niti Aayog and India’s G20 Sherpa, praised India’s digitisation model, calling it a remarkable tale and an example for the rest of the world. Speaking at a session of the India Today Conclave, Kant claimed that India logs 4 times as many digital payments as China does and 11 times as many as the United States and Europe combined.

“It is a huge story,” he said, pointing out that digitization has been instrumental in delivering other government programs like the Covid-19 vaccination and more, in addition to promoting digital payments. While the developed world has historically produced the majority of technological advancements, Kant emphasized that “this is a model built by India” and that it has the potential to transform the lives of people all over the world.

Rapper Srushti Tawade discussed the ‘diss’ mentality in rap music at India Today Conclave 2023. Srushti claimed that because the idea is unjustified, she doesn’t really support it.

It is preferable to compliment individuals and make it an art, she said. She continued by saying that as she was composing, she realized how much room rap has in the music industry.

It has simply not received as much attention. I’ll work hard this year and the following year to break through to the masses so that people will still listen to rap music in 50 to 60 years, as they do with classic songs, Srushti said.

A political scholar at Harvard University named Michael Sandel stated on Friday that India’s democracy is both firmly established and in danger.

As someone who comes from a democracy where there was an assault on the US Capitol in the wake of an election, Sandel said, “Democracy in India is deeply-rooted and under threat both at the same time. In my opinion, democracy is in peril and at risk in our nation, in India, and in many other nations. However, this does not imply that democracy is without potential for renewal.

According to Ren Ito, COO of Stability AI, at Conclave 2023, India should use technology like artificial intelligence in the education and healthcare sectors and other areas where the nation has urgent needs.

According to him, more than 80% of Indian children have access to mobile phones, and the nation should seek to better utilize this fact. The same is true, according to Ren, of healthcare.

On the opening day of the India Today Conclave 2023 in New Delhi, Ram Charan addressed the stage. In a session titled “RRRoar: What it takes to make blockbusters,” the actor participated. and jump over geographies.

After winning the Oscar, he made his first public presence in India at this time. Ram Charan spoke candidly about a variety of subjects, including parenting, his father Chiranjeevi, and Naatu Naatu’s live performance at the 2023 Oscars.

Ram responded, “We went numb, no feeling,” when asked about his feelings just before the film was revealed as the winner. My wife’s grip was all I could feel. It appeared to be being held by Mike Tyson. That is the only feeling we have been carrying around since last year. I’m pleased that they recognized the superiority of SS Rajamouli, MM Keeravani, and Chanrabose as well as excellent cinema.

Brad Smith, Vice-Chairman and President of Microsoft, believes that the response to ChatGPT 4 has been different in many respects since its recent release. Speaking on Friday night at India Today Conclave 2023, Smith noted that ChatGPT serves as a reflection of how people are initially uneasy about any new technology before embracing it. He continued by saying that ChatGPT’s upcoming iteration would be more robust and multi-nodal.

Amit Shah, the Union Home Minister, witnessed the Day 1 closing session of the India Today Conclave 2023. In 2024, he predicted, the BJP would have a solid majority in place.

To loud applause, Shah declared, “I want to inform everyone through your channel that the BJP will return to power with a full majority in 2024 and Modi ji will return as prime minister for the third straight term, something that will happen for the first time since 1970.

Amit Shah claimed to be happy with his job as the Union Home Minister. He claimed that Kashmir’s domestic security situation has greatly improved. He added that in the past nine years, the situation in the Northeast has improved and declared that left-wing radicalism is no longer present in Bihar and Jharkhand.

Home Minister Shah also addressed the debate encircling the Adani business conglomerate and claims that the government was abusing central agencies like the CBI and the ED during his session.

With that, Day 1 of Conclave 2023 came to a close. But there’s still more to come. On Saturday, Concalve 2023 will return for another day of stimulating talks. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be the featured speaker on Day 2 of Conclave 2023. On Saturday, programming will start at 10 a.m. Remain informed!

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