Saturday, November 27, 2021
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Saturday, November 27, 2021
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India surpasses US to record highest one day spike with 3.16 lakh cases

India on Wednesday recorded a massive spike in daily Covid-19 cases by registering around 3.16 lakh fresh cases. It is the highest spike than any any other country in the world.

It is the first time when India has crossed a mark of 3 lakh cases. The exact number which has come up as the biggest single day spike in the world has a count of 3,15,925 cases.a

The surging rate since early April is so high that it took just 17 days reach 3 lakh mark from 1 lakh cases on April 4. The rate at which the cases are currently increasing is 6.76 per cent daily, which is four times higher than the rate at which the US was recording its daily cases. Apart from india US is the only country which has recorded more than 1 lakh mark in a single day.

In any case, the current spike in India is now overpowering the medical services framework in numerous states, even as the high positivity rates – 19.2% broadly in the course of recent days – shows that the flood might be a long way from being over yet.

Around 17 states and Union territories have registered their highest daily spikes on Wednesday, driven by Uttar Pradesh that logged 33,214 fresh cases – the highest every day number at any point recorded in any state outside Maharashtra. Other state where high spoke were recorded includs Karnataka (23,558), Kerala (22,414), Rajasthan (14,622), Madhya Pradesh (13,107), Gujarat (12,553), Bihar (12,222), Tamil Nadu (11,681), Bengal (10,784), Haryana (9,623), Jharkhand (5,041), Punjab (4,970), Uttarakhand (4,807), Odisha (4,851), Telangana (6,542), J&K (2,204) and Goa (1,502).

Maharashtra registered 67,468 new cases, its second-most noteworthy count yet while Delhi’s cases dropped to 24,638 (from 28,395 on Tuesday) as testing in the capital diminished pointedly. Numbers in Andhra Pradesh, the lone significant state where the second wave numbers are still lower than the first wave peak of 10,830 cases (August 26), were rising quickly. The state added 9,716 new cases to its count on Wednesday.

Maharashtra kept on recording the most highest number of fatalities at 568, the most noteworthy ever in the state. The cost somewhere else was ascending too. Delhi registered 249 passings while Chhattisgarh tallied 193 fatalities from the pandemic just now. In Gujarat, the day by day number rose to 125 and Karnataka recorded 116 deaths. Different states with a high death toll were Madhya Pradesh (75), Punjab (69), Jharkhand (62, most elevated ever), Rajasthan (62), Bengal (58) and Tamil Nadu (53).

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