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Sunday, June 4, 2023
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India Repulses China’s Attempt To Change Status Quo By Transgressing Arunachal Pradesh

By crossing the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Tawang last week, Chinese forces attempted to “unilaterally change the status quo” in Arunachal Pradesh, but Indian soldiers repulsed them, the government declared in parliament today.

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh stated in a statement read in both houses that the Indian forces stopped the Chinese from snatching territory in Arunachal Pradesh and “compelled the Chinese troops to return to their stations.”

The situation was described as “steady” by China. According to our understanding, the situation along the China-India border is stable overall, said Wang Wenbin, a spokesman for the foreign ministry. He also noted that the two nations “maintained an open dialogue on the border issue through diplomatic and military channels.”

According to Mr. Singh, no soldiers were killed or critically hurt during the encounter between Indian and Chinese forces on December 9. He claimed that shortly after the border altercation, the government had communicated with China through diplomatic channels. He emphasised that “our soldiers are prepared to handle any challenge on the border.”

The minister said that by “bravely preventing” the PLA from invading our country and “compelling them to return to their stations,” the Army had repelled the PLA. “A few staff members from both sides were hurt during the altercation. I want to inform this House that there have been no fatalities or significant injuries on our side “said he.

The opposition parties left in protest after Rajnath Singh’s statement, which had no effect on them. The opposition demanded a discussion on the key border issue, saying it was dissatisfied with a statement alone. Congressman Shaktisinh Gohil argued that the government’s “attitude” of avoiding a dialogue was improper.

Many parties argued that the India-China border dispute should take precedence over all other legislative activities. The government’s diplomacy, according to Manoj Jha of the RJD, is in “denial mode.” Asaduddin Owaisi, the leader of AIMIM, attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi, claiming that he is “scared” by the China issue and that the administration is lying.

The Congress was accused of interfering with procedures by Home Minister Amit Shah as a question on the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation was scheduled for today.

The government is the target of an all-out assault by the Congress. According to party leader Mallikarjun Kharge, “Regarding matters of national security, we are united with the country and do not wish to politicise them.

However, the Modi administration needs to be open about Chinese violations and development that has taken on all along the LAC since April 2020.”
Following a violent fight in Ladakh’s Galwan Valley in 2020 that claimed the lives of 20 Indian soldiers, relations between India and China soured. Five Chinese military officials and soldiers were confirmed dead by China, but it is widely thought that there were more fatalities.

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