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Thursday, May 26, 2022
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India Opens Vaccination For Children Aged Between 15-18 Years From January 3

India has activated its portion of vaccine doses in the COVAX coalition to make more doses accessible as the country moved to vaccinate its children aged between 15 and 18 years old and the people eligible for the booster dose as omircon keeps on rising.

India could get around 20 crore shots from its portion in COVAX. “This share will be procured from COVAX alliance in a graded manner. India has been providing free vaccine doses to low middle income countries since the beginning of the pandemic,” a top health official said. The doses will of covisheild, the SII manufactured vaccine.

Besides, there are 17.90 crore doses still with states and UTs. Further, orders for 20 crore shots have been set with SII and Bharat Biotech, which are in the pipeline. These ought to be accessible by February, 2022.

The total estimated projection of the doses is about 58 crore now.

Zydus Cadila’s ZY-COV-D vaccination will start in the first week of January, 2022. Zydus cadila is prepared to give 1 crore jabs beginning 4-5 January. These will be utilized for adults at first – in assigned states – like – The seven states where ZyCoV-D will be controlled in the main stage are Bihar, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal.

Biological E – The vaccine producer submitted information of their stage 3 studies to India’s drug controller last Friday. A meeting on EUA for Biological E is likely to take place next week.

Biological E has done in risk stocking of 10 crore antibody doses, advance demands and payments for 30 crore shots from Biological E have already given by GOI.

The sources from the health ministry said, orders have not been put for Sputnik V shots any further.
It isn’t just the booster doses but even for those who have yet not taken their second dose that has been represented in these projections.

According to the government data, presently, the complete number of medical workers and frontline workers, who are eligible for the booster dose, can be assessed at 2.6 crore as not each of the 3 crore have been completely vaccinated.

The most recent information delivered by the health ministry said, more than 1.03 crore medical workers have been vaccinated with their first dose while 96 lakh have their second.

The frontline workers are assessed to be an aggregate of two crore; 1.83 crore frontline workers got their first and 1.68 crore got their second jab.

Approximately 6 crore individuals above 60 with underlying diseases are eligible for a booster dose.

As per the health ministry’s most recent information, nine crore individuals over the age of 60 years are currently completely vaccinated. While the first shot has been taken by around 12 crore individuals.

It has been projected that around 7.5 crore children fall in the class of those between the ages of 15 to 18 years. This age group is currently eligible for the first dose of their vaccination starting from January 3, 2022. Just Zydus and Covaxin are accessible for children right now in India.

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