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Monday, February 6, 2023
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India Holds Secret Dialogue With NATO, Here Is What Shared Belief Two Sides Carry

India has resumed secret talks behind closed doors with North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The first high level meeting took place back on December 12, 2019.

It was India’s first ever dialogue with NATO in Brussels and next meeting expressing concerns on behalf of India is likely to take place soon.

Reportedly, the meeting involved senior officials from the Ministry of External Affairs and Ministry of Defence. As per the reports the goal of the meeting was revolving around to keep the dialogue merely political and to avoid any military or bilateral cooperative commitments. During the meeting, Indian side focused to asses cooperation on global and regional issues of mutual interest.

As Pakistan and China are already in continuous dialogue with North Atlantic alliance, India’s dialogue is coming out as an important event.
It is widely understood that engaging with NATO through a political dialogue would facilitate India with an opportunity to bring a balanced view to NATO of its regions and issues.

During the first round of talks with NATO, India acknowledged it had no shared belief with the partnership on Russia and the Taliban. With NATO’s perspectives on China blended because of its individuals’ varying points of view, India’s Quad membership is pointed toward countering Beijing.
According to the sources, If the alliance engages with Pakistan and China individually, it may have a disturbed view of India on its regional and global security issues.

As per India’s review, their is a convergence in the views of India and NATO over China, Afghanistan and terrorism, including Pakistan’s role in Afghanistan.

The first round of talks uncovered some significant issues on which India anticipated just limited shared belief with NATO: From NATO’s point of view, it was Russia’s forceful activities that stayed the primary threat to Euro-Atlantic security, and NATO had confronted challenges calling meetings of the NATO-Russia Council because of Russian refusal to put issues like Ukraine and the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty on the plan, a subject of discussion later on, given a significant shared belief with NATO, as per the sources.

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