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India Conveys Strong Protest With US After Khalistani Supporters Vandalise San Francisco Consulate

Following the vandalism of the Indian Consulate General in San Francisco by Khalistani followers, India expressed its strong protest during a meeting with the US Charge d’Affaires in Delhi.

“The US government was made aware of its fundamental duty to maintain diplomatic presence. It was requested to take appropriate action to stop similar events from happening again, India said in a statement.

Along similar lines, our Embassy in Washington, D.C. also informed the US State Department of our worries, it continued.

Several hours after Khalistani supporters tore down the Tricolor at the Indian High Commission building in London, videos of a large gathering attacking the Indian Consulate in San Francisco, California, with Punjabi music playing in the background, appeared online.

On the exterior wall of the San Francisco structure, a large graffiti with the words “Free Amritpal” was spray-painted.

Similar damage was done to the Indian High Commission in the UK by Khalistani forces.

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