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IMA Cautions Govt Against Opening Tourist And Religious Places

Amid the speculation of third wave Indian Medical Association (IMA) has posed a serious threat due to gatherings across the country. India has been continuously reporting new Covid-19 cases on a declining mode but the agency has said that any complacency will cause a resurgence of virus.

The IMA has directed central and state governments to maintain Covid appropriate behaviour for at least next three months. “Tourist bonanza, pilgrimage travel, religious fervour all are needed, but can wait for few more months,” it added.

A letter signed by IMA president Dr JA Jayalal and Secretary General Dr Jayesh Lele was also sent to both the central and state governments in which the IMA has asked not to lower guard against Covid-19.

As the country is coming back to track after the deadlier second wave the letter further said, “with the global evidence available and the history of any pandemics the third wave is inevitable and imminent.”

However, India can still mitigate the third wave by administering more and more vaccines and following Covid appropriate behaviour, mentioned IMA in the letter.

The letter also said, “It is painful to note that in this crucial time [when] everyone needs to work for the mitigation of the third wave, in many parts of the country both government and public are complacent and engaged in mass gatherings without following Covid protocols.”

Additionally, the IMA cautioned that any opening of the tourism or religious place and allowing unvaccinated people will invite the virus and may result in super spreaders to bring third wave.

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