Tuesday, August 9, 2022
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Tuesday, August 9, 2022
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IDF claims Gaza to have fired 1,500 rockets at Israeli territory

Amid the speeding up distress among Israel and Palestine, the casualties in Gaza has reached 65, while Israel have announced more than 7 deaths till Wednesday as the Hamas bunch dispatched another flood of airstrikes.

According to AFP reports, Israeli Defense Force (IDF) on Wednesday said that 1,000 rockets had been dispatched from Gaza since Monday evening, yet by early Thursday the number had jumped by around 500.

“So far, some 1,500 rockets have been fired at the Israeli territory from the Gaza Strip, about 300 of them were unsuccessful and the rockets fell in the Gaza Strip. The Iron Dome system has intercepted hundreds of rockets,” said a statement by IDF.

In the mean time, US President Joe Biden on Wednesday talked to the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the Israel-Palestine conflict and said he trusts that the threats will arrive at a conclusion soon.

“My expectation and hope is that this will be closing down sooner than later. But Israel has a right to defend itself when you have thousands of rockets flying into your territory. But I had a conversation for a while with the — with the Prime Minister of Israel. And I think that — my hope is that we will see this coming to a conclusion sooner than later,” told Biden to reporters.

The United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East, Tor Wennesland, took it to Twitter to approach the two sides to de-heighten the fight a day ahead.

“Stop the fire immediately. We are escalating towards a full scale war. Leaders on all sides have to take the responsibility of de-escalation. The cost of war in Gaza is devastating and is being paid by ordinary people. The UN is working with all sides to restore calm. Stop the violence now,” he tweeted.

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