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Sunday, December 3, 2023
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IAF Announces Creation Of New Weapon Branch On Air Force Day

Air Chief Marshal Vivek Ram Chaudhari, the head of the IAF, stated on Saturday that the government had given the go-ahead for the establishment of a weapon system branch for IAF commanders. The IAF commander declared on Air Force Day that a new operational branch was being established for the first time since Independence. The IAF commander said that this will effectively manage all current weapon systems in the service and save $3,400 crore. He added that the IAF will induct female Agniveers the next year.

The Agnipath scheme’s induction of airmen into the Indian Air Force is a challenge, but it’s also an opportunity to “harness the potential of India.”

“We have modified our operational training process to make sure that each Agniveer has the abilities and information necessary to begin a career in the IAF. We will begin teaching 3,000 Agniveer Vayus in December of this year. To maintain proper manning, this number will increase during the ensuing years, according to the IAF chief.

We also intend to start inducting female Agniveers the following year. Infrastructure development is underway, according to the IAF chief.

The IAF faced its fair share of difficulties over the past year, but the force overcame them all head-on and with full power, whether it was by continuing to deploy near the borders or rescuing Indians from combat zones, the IAF chief said in his remarks of praise for the force.

The head of the IAF stated that the conventional realms of land, sea, and air have extended to include space and cyber and have collided into a hybrid warfare as he listed the problems that lie ahead. Therefore, contemporary, adaptable technology needs to be added to conventional systems and weaponry. He remarked, “We must recognize that the issues of today cannot be resolved with the principles of yesterday.

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