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Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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‘I cannot rule out lockdown if the current situation prevails,’ says Thackeray giving a final warning

Maharashtra is the worst hit state in the country with a record of 47,827 cases just on Friday.

Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray on Friday said that the probability of the lockdown amid the high number of cases can not be neglected. The state is seeing the second wave of coronavirus which is resulting highest daily cases since the emergence of the pandemic for past two weeks.

“I cannot rule out imposing a lockdown if the current COVID-19 situation prevails. People have become complacent. We are in a Catch 22 situation – should we look at economy or health?” said Thackeray through televised address.

“If this condition continues, I have told you already that in 15 days we will exhaust our infrastructure. So today I am giving a warning of a lockdown. Not announcing a lockdown yet. But if I don’t find a solution in two days after speaking to more people, then I have no option,” he added.

The CM also said that the state will issue new guidelines in upcoming two days.

Maharashtra is the worst hit state in the country with a record of 47,827 cases just on Friday, which is highest spike since the beginning of the Pandemic. There are 7 other states too which are also affected badly after Maharashtra. Several cities including Pune have imposed night curfews as a measure to curb the virus.

According to the data by the Health ministry India is the third worst hit country by the pandemic after United States and Brazil. The country has surged to 1.23 crore cases so far with death toll up to 1,63,396.

Vaccination net has been extended to do it on a large scale from April 1, as from now all above 45 would be vaccinated without any compulsion of any comorbidity.

Many states have resorted to partial lockdowns, strict restrictions, basic deliveries and curfews.

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