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How Much Worth Does Taliban Have?

In an astounding turn of events, Taliban on Sunday (August 15) caught Afghanistan’s capital Kabul and reported that the conflict was over in Afghanistan. Taliban has advanced for peaceful relations with the international community.

Talking to media, Taliban spokesperson Mohammad Naeem said that the Taliban would not like to live alone and the group regarded women’s and minorities’ privileges inside Sharia law.

“We ask all countries and entities to sit with us to settle any issues”, he said in an interview to media.

How much is the Taliban worth, and what is the source of income for the group?

In 2016, Taliban was recorded by Forbes as the fifth most extravagant of the 10 ‘Terrorist’ associations. ISIS was on top of the table with a turnover then of USD 2 billion and Taliban involved the fifth spot with yearly turnover of USD 400 million.

As per forbes, Taliban’s main source of income were drug dealing, insurance money and donations.

A NATO report got to by Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty showed that the yearly financial plan of the Taliban in 2019-20 had been USD 1.6 Billion.

RFE/RF gave a breakdown of how the Taliban brought in their money:

Mining: $464 million
Drugs: $416 million
Foreign Donations: $240 million
Export: $240 million
Taxes: $160 million (Protection/Extortion money?)
Real Estate: $80 million

It was referenced in the NATO report that the Taliban leadership was centered around becoming independent to turn into a free political and military entity.

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