Saturday, November 27, 2021
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Saturday, November 27, 2021
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How LDF Win Led To Another Vijayan’s Rule ?

At the point when ‘Captain Comrade’ Pinarayi Vijayan kicked the 44-year-old record of getting reelected in Kerala to win straight second term and improved LDF’s performace from the 2016 assembly elections, the CM merged his command over CPM in a way that couple of other partly leaders can profess to have done. The CPM politburo recognized that Kerala decided on the presentation of the LDF government and allowed it a second back to back term.

Vijayan’s reverberating triumph, despite mumbles of dictatorship, is anticipated to change the power elements inside CPM, weakning the conventional advantage the Bengal brigade has enjoyed.

The primary signs may arise in the following few months as Kerala sets itself to host the CPM’s 23rd party congress.

With the Vijayan-led LDF elbowing out UDF, the scales are currently, at long last, tipped for the new CPM that Vijayan captains.

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