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Friday, May 27, 2022
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How Andhra Pradesh Govt’s Price Control On Movie Tickets Is Jeopardizing State’s Film Industry’s Working ?

The state of Andhra Pradesh’s severe efforts to maintain openness in the film industry are jeopardizing the state’s film industry’s viability. Earlier this year, the government implemented ticket price control, forcing theatres to significantly decrease ticket costs. While the minimum ticket price for multiplexes located in municipal corporation regions was fixed between Rs 75 and Rs 250, the pricing for AC and non-AC theatres ranged from Rs 20 to Rs 100. The tickets were set as low as Rs 5 in gramme panchayat regions.

Pushpa, starring Allu Arjun, has had a phenomenal run at the box office, putting on a fantastic show on weekdays. Remember, this is during the Covid period, when a variety of factors can wreak havoc with theatre screenings.

Pushpa did 3-4 crores in business on day 19, bringing its total to 234.30-235.30 crores (inclusive of all languages). In the next days, the film is expected to gross more than 250 crores. The only issue is the rapidly increasing number of Covid cases, which is leading to theatre closures across the country.

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