Friday, December 3, 2021
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Friday, December 3, 2021
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Women Coming Out On Road To Show Up Against Taliban Cruelty

As a huge number of Afghans escape the nation to evade likely persecution by the Taliban, a a group of women was seen taking out the main public dissent in Afghanistan requesting their rights.

In a video shared by Iranian journalists Masih Alinejad on Twitter, four Afghan women could be seen holding transcribed paper signs on a road of Kabul while encompassed by Taliban warriors.

The women could be heard requesting their rights, including social security aide, right to work, right to education and right to political participation.

“All our achievements over the years should not be compromised and our basic rights,” the women were heard saying.

In the mean time, TOLO News, one of Afghanistan’s significant news sources, has once again put women anchors on screen after they were momentarily eliminated with the approach of the Taliban.

Women under Taliban rule
Numerous ladies escaped Afghanistan dreading their life and security after the Taliban took over Kabul on Sunday. An Afghan woman who showed up in Delhi from Kabul said she dreaded for the safety of her companions back home.

“Our friends are going to get killed. They [Taliban] are going to kill us. Our women are not going to have any more rights,” said the woman.

There were additionally reports of women being snatched and powerfully wedded to Taliban warriors. Nonetheless, the Taliban have disproved such reports, saying they would honour women’s rights yet inside the standards of Islamic law.

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