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Gujarat To Get Its First Aircraft Manufacturing Plant: PM Modi

It’s possible that Gujarat will soon be home to its very own airplane manufacturing plant. While speaking on Wednesday, the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, expressed his optimism that aircraft will soon be made in Gujarat, and that spare parts will be manufactured in the city of Rajkot, which is located in Gujarat. After the opening of a number of initiatives, one of which included homes for those who were economically challenged, he was giving a speech to a throng in the Race Course district of Rajkot. Modi will spend the next two days in the state of Gujarat, which is holding assembly elections at the very end of December.

During his talk, Modi lauded the engineering industry in the Rajkot area, saying things like, “Aeroplanes will be constructed in Gujarat shortly, and Rajkot will make their spare parts.” After entering politics, he said, some leaders constructed bungalows for themselves but did little to help the less fortunate, despite the fact that he did not name any specific politicians.

They entered politics and constructed their bungalows, but they never considered ways to improve the living conditions of people who were forced to make a livelihood in slums. He declared, “I have decided to devote my time to the cause of constructing homes for those who cannot afford them.”

During the ceremony, he transferred ownership of the nearly 1,100 homes that had been constructed as part of the “Light House” project to the respective beneficiaries. A roadshow that the Prime Minister led from the airport to the Race Course venue before the rally that they were leading.

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