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Gujarat In Peace For 22 Years As Accused In 2002 Riots Were Taught A Lesson: Amit Shah

Addressing a rally in Gujarat ahead upcoming elections, Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Thursday said, those who were behind the communal riots in state in 2002 were “taught such a lesson” that Gujarat has been in peace for 22 years.

“During the Congress rule in Gujarat (before 1995), communal riots were rampant. Congress used to incite people of different communities and castes to fight against each other. Through such riots, Congress had strengthened its vote bank and did injustice to a large section of the society,” he said in Kheda’s Mahudha town.

“There have been many riots in Bharuch, curfew, violence. There was no room for development in Gujarat because of the chaos. In 2002, they tried to indulge in communal violence… we taught them such a lesson, we put them in jail. It’s been 22 years, we have not put a curfew even once. BJP has done the work to bring the peace to a land that saw frequent communal riots,” said Mr Shah.

In 2002 violence, more than 1000 people were killed in three days and Gujarat police had to face severe charges for not able to deal with the situation to stop the violence that erupted after a train coach carrying pilgrims was allegedly burnt in Godhra that killed 59 people.

Earlier this year, the Supreme Court had dismissed a plea against Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s absolution in the case involving killings in Gujarat riots.

The top BJP leader and the Union Home Minister Amit Shah is one of the key campaigners for the upcoming elections in the State, which are to be held on December 1 and 5. The results for which will be declared on December 8.

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