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“Govt Will Take Decision After Looking Into Matter Deeply,” Says Karanataka Minister Over Hijab Ban

Karnataka Home Minister G Parameshwara has stated that the government will make a decision after carefully considering the hijab issue, which is becoming more and more heated by the day.

“We haven’t given any directives about the hijab. As stated by Chief Minister Siddaramaiah, we will inspect it even after it is finished. After giving it careful consideration, the government will make a decision, according to G Parameshwara.

Leader of the Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS), KT Rama Rao, criticised the Congress-led Karnataka government on Sunday, stating that the Siddaramaiah administration has not yet abolished the state’s prohibition on the hijab and is still considering it.

“They have not lifted the ban on hijab yet and the CM has said that they are thinking about it. People are seeing the behaviour of Congress–what they say before coming to power and how they change after getting power,” KTR said.

After Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah declared at a public meeting that his government will abolish the state’s prohibition on the hijab, which had been put in place by the previous BJP government, the discussion surrounding the hijab issue gained significant attention once more.

“We are considering rescinding the prohibition on the headscarf. We’ll talk about it. This is what I said in answer to a query. The Chief Minister stated, “We haven’t done it yet.

Current Chief Minister Siddaramaiah is accused by former Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai of concealing his government’s shortcomings and bringing up the matter purely for political purposes.

On Saturday, he informed reporters that while the hijab was not outright prohibited in the state, it was prohibited in areas with dress codes.

“When the Hijab is not banned where is the question of lifting the ban,” he questioned.

Students at educational institutions were prohibited from wearing the hijab by the previous BJP government in the State. When the case got to the Karnataka High Court, it was decided to maintain the ban that the then-BJP government had put in place. Due to the Supreme Court’s divided decision in this case, the Karnataka High Court’s decision was sustained.

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