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Government On Mission To Find Mysterious Boat Carrying AK-47s Reached Maharashtra

Leading intelligence sources have told CNN-News18 that the yacht containing AK-47 assault rifles and other weapons that was discovered adrift near Harihareshwar in Maharashtra’s Raigad district on Thursday had last departed from Dubai with three crew members and five passengers in May or June.

On June 26, the 16-meter boat issued a distress call due to poor weather in the Gulf of Oman.

All personnel were saved on June 27 by the Korean Navy ship “ROKS Dae Jo Yeong” of Combined Task Force (CTF)-151.

The yacht with the weaponry shipment on board was adrift after the pull broke while it was being towed, according to the sources.

The serial numbers of the lost AK-47s have been verified as being identical to those found on the yacht by the security company Neptune Maritime security.

The boat was harmed during the Arabian Sea monsoon, prompting the Captain to declare an emergency, according to a statement from Neptune Maritime Security. Although the crew was saved, the yacht could not be saved because of the severe weather. The ship, which was thought to be sunk, washed ashore on Indian shores early this morning, according to Neptune P2P Group, the business stated.

Devendra Fadnavis, who is also the home minister for Maharashtra, said on Thursday that an Australian woman named Hana Laundergun is the owner of the boat known as “Lady Han.” “Papers, cartridges, and three AK-47 weapons were discovered… Also alerted was the Coast Guard, according to Fadnavis.

Laundergun was sailing from Europe to Muscat with her husband, the ship’s captain James Hobert. When the boat’s engine was destroyed, they sent a distress call, according to Fadnavis. According to him, a South Korean warship saved them, but a tiny boat was unable to be saved because of the bad weather.

When RDX arrived in Shrivardhan on Thursday, it brought back memories of 1993, the year it was first used to create bombs. The Mumbai blasts were the largest terror strike carried out in India to date. They were planned by underworld don Dawood Ibrahim and Tiger Menon.

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