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Ghaziabad Gang Rape Was A Plot To Frame Men Over Property Dispute, Says Police

A new development in the case has emerged days after Ghaziabad police nabbed four suspects for allegedly kidnapping and gang-raping a 40-year-old Delhi woman. The woman’s accusations were rejected by the police on Thursday, and they claimed that the entire scheme was conceived because the woman and the accused have a long-standing property dispute.

According to the police, three people who assisted the woman in her scheme have been detained, and she is also expected to face consequences.

IG of the Meerut range Praveen Kumar stated today, “The woman conspired with a man by the name of Azad to fabricate a story in order to tie the accused to a persistent property dispute. The chief drug lord Azad and his henchmen Gaurav and Afzal have all been taken into custody by police. A automobile utilised in the conspiracy, an Alto, was also seized by police.”

The police officer claimed that the entire accusation was a plot to accuse the five men of rape.

The case gained attention on October 18 when a woman, a resident of Delhi, was discovered laying close to Ashram Road in Ghaziabad. After being taken to the hospital by the police, she filed a complaint.

Swati Maliwal, the head of the Delhi Commission for Women, had tweeted that the woman had been discovered wrapped in a jute bag, with her hands and legs bound, and with an iron rod placed in her privates. Four of the five males named had been apprehended by police, who also filed a case and brought up the property dispute issue.

In addition, the policeman claimed, “The woman was initially escorted to a government hospital in Ghaziabad where she was informed of the occurrence and refused to undergo a medical examination. Even in a hospital in Meerut, she did not have a medical checkup. She insisted on having her medical checkup done at GTB hospital in Delhi, so that’s where she was transported.”

When investigating, police discovered that Azad’s known-to-the-woman mobile phone had been turned off, which raised questions. When strongly questioned, he admitted that the wife and the suspect were embroiled in a property dispute, which led the former to concoct a plot.

She claimed to have been abducted while awaiting a bus to Delhi after attending a birthday party in Ghaziabad, the woman told the police. She claimed that her brother had dropped her off at the bus stop, where five known guys in a car dragged her inside and sexually assaulted her while they held her captive. The victim had earlier reported being raped by two males.

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