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Saturday, November 27, 2021
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France military gives an ultimatum to french president to crack down on islamists. Will the world follow suit?

A letter that was warning France for a civil war was published a week ago which was signed by over 1,000 military officers including both serving and retires. The letter also threatened for a military coup.

These letter mentioning the hints of civil war and military coup was published in a far-right magazine in the month of April.

The group of serving and retired officials names ‘Political Islam’ as a real threat. As indicated by them, France’s President Emmanuel Macron’s inability to get serious about Islamists may prompt the crumbling of the country. The signatories likewise indicate the chance of a military coup, to take back the control.

The letter was released on the 60th annivarsary of failed military coup of 1961. The 1,000 signatories who signed the letter included 20 retired Generals.

The failed coup in 1961 was launched by the French army against the then president Charles de Gaulle. The reason behind attempting that coup was to stop independence in Algeria.

The published open letter has met with anger in the French government. The crackdown following this anger, reports of military approvals on 18 troops. As indicated by the French military Chief of staff, every one of them will be presented before a senior military council and may be either constrained into quick retirement or face de-posting. Different signatories can likewise confront formal action.

These servicemen have broken the military rules by urging their peers to take up their arms against th country, said the French defence ministry.

A latest conducted poll tracked down that 58% of the French public agree with the suppositions of the letter. French opposition leader Marine Le Pen, who intends to challenge against Macron in the next polls, has added more fuel to the fire. She has approached the signatories of this open letter to help her bid for the presidency in 2022.

This outrage from the right-wing comes when the French government is pushing for an anti-corruption bill. After a few terror attacks over the most recent seven months, President Macron needs to strenghthen the survillance powers of safety organizations, intending to utilize calculations to recognize movement on jihadist and extremists websites.

“One must know that when someone types five or six times a search for a video of a decapitation, for example, from IS (Islamic State group), on the internet, the intelligence services cannot know and follow that person. Tomorrow, we can know this information. The French security agency will ask the interior minister, the Prime Minister and the National Commission of Technical Intelligence, which is an independent administrative body that is already following telephone calls, the possibility to uncover the anonymity of the person who is conducting that search in order to be able – if the threat is grave and confirmed – to follow and eventually intervene,”, said French Interior Minister, Gerald Darmanin.

France should take an exercise from its set of experiences and recollect that democracy stays stable just as long as the regular citizen initiative, for example people elected government stays in charge of the military. While, without a doubt, this letter was simply an upheaval from the periphery, the right-wing has hauled the matter into the established press. This can be taken as an obvious indicator that the threat of Islamic terror will affect the French elections in following year.

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