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Following Hyderabad University, JNU, Kolkata’s Left Student To Screen BBC Documentary

Left-leaning student organisations in West Bengal intend to show the divisive BBC film about Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the riots in Gujarat in 2002. According to the news agency, the students would show the video on the campuses of at least two institutions in Kolkata.

The Student Federation of India (SFI) will present the documentary at Jadavpur University on Thursday and at Presidency the following day, according to Subhajit Sarkar, assistant secretary of the state organisation.

The university administration has not yet given the students permission to show the video. Additionally, Sarkar stated that even if they do not obtain the go-ahead, the left student bodies will still watch it.

“We hope that many of the general students, including those who don’t support us, will come and watch it. We want people to join us in discussion and debate about the film,” he added.

According to Sandip Nayak, a prominent member of the organisation, the All India Students’ Association has also decided to show the BBC documentary on the Jadavpur University campus on January 27.

One of the organisers, Moitreyo Sarkar, indicated that the video will also be shown on February 1 by members of Presidency University’s visual arts society.

Authorities in India were frantically trying to stop screenings of the film in colleges and universities and restrict the sharing of its clips on social media on Wednesday, days after blocking a BBC documentary that examines Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s role in the 2002 anti-Muslim riots and outlawing its sharing online. This action has been criticised as an attack on press freedom.

The 2002 Gujarat riots, which plagued the state while Narendra Modi served as its chief minister, are the subject of the documentary. A train that caught fire and killed 59 Hindu passengers was the catalyst for the riots that resulted in the deaths of mostly Muslims.

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