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Wednesday, October 20, 2021
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What impact Salman’s movie creates on industry and people. Tells Sajid Khan

With a few producers keeping down the arrival of their movies, superstar Salman Khan chose to proceed with the arrival of his film Radhe-Your Most Wanted Bhai as he had promised in the starting of this year. He had promised that the film would be delivered only in theaters. Anyway around then, the Covid-19 cases in India had dropped and theaters were hoping to open up. Yet, by April things looked depressing with India confronting the worst impact of the deadlier second wave of Covid-19. The makers of the film at that point chose to go with a hybrid release. Radhe will be delivered in selected theatres in India and will likewise see a concurrent release on the OTT platfoem ZEE5.

In front of the arrival of the movie, music composer Sajid Khan who composed the title track of much talked about Salman Khan and the amount of an effect he has over the industry in any interview said, “Salman Khan is a very big property. If today he agrees to one song or film, lakhs of people get employed. It’s a very big thing and a very big responsibility,” said Sajid Khan.

“People see him as a very big superstar and I read comments where people say that he is sitting in his farm. No it’s not like that. He is taking care of himself and he wants you to take care of yourself. He is taking care of himself why? Not for himself but for a lot of people attached to himself. God forbid if something happens to Salman Khan, it affects the livelihood of several people. He looks after himself for others,” he further said.

Discussing Radhe going to people’s homes on Eid, Sajid said, “Also if he comes on Eid, it is a great opportunity that such a big film of Salman Khan for which people do not get tickets easily is coming to your house. I won’t say he is coming to celebrate with you, but he is surely coming to be with you. The 3 hours that he will be with everyone is good and we hope that the film is a hit.”

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