Friday, October 7, 2022
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Friday, October 7, 2022
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‘Don’t Get Trapped In The Cycle Of Fear That Islam Is In Danger In India,’ RSS Chief At Muslim Rashtriya Manch Event

Those who engage in lynching are opposed to Hindutva, according to RSS president Mohan Bhagwat, who spoke at a Muslim Rashtriya Manch event on the subject “Hindustani First, Hindustan First” on Sunday night.

“They are against Hindutva. Though at times, some false cases of lynching have been registered against people,” Bhagwat said.

Muslims should not become “locked in the cycle of fear” that Islam is under danger in India, according to the RSS chief.

“Don’t get trapped in the cycle of fear that Islam is in danger in India,” he said at the event.

According to the RSS chief, growth in the country is impossible without national unity, which should be based on nationalism and the pride of forefathers.

believes that discussion, not conflict, is the only way to resolve the Hindu-Muslim problem.

“Hindu-Muslim unity is misleading as they’re not different, but one. DNA of all Indians are same, irrespective of religion,” Bhagwat said.

“We are in a democracy. There can’t be a dominance of Hindus or Muslims. There can only be the dominance of Indians.”

Bhagwat began his address by stating that he was not attending the event for any image makeover or vote bank politics.

According to Bhagwat, the Sangh is not involved in politics and does not care about its image. “It keeps on doing its work to strengthen the nation and for the welfare of all in the society,” he said.

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