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‘Directors Picking Subjects Appealing To Tiny Audience, ‘ Says Rakesh Roshan For Failing Bollywood Performance

Former actor turned filmmaker Rakesh Roshan has expressed his opinion over the box office failure of recent Bollywood films. Along with criticising the topics selected by the directors, Roshan discussed how songs had become less important in movies.

He provided the news agency with information. “People create movies that they and their friends find entertaining. They choose topics that only a very small portion of the audience will find interesting. A significant portion of the audience cannot connect with it.

Aap puraane gaano se hero ko yaad rakhte hai, the filmmaker added (You remember actors because of old songs). Every time you hear an old classic, you think of the heroes who appeared in those songs. These days, the hero yaad nahi aate hai since there are no songs (no one remembers the hero). As a result, it’s currently incredibly challenging to become a superstar.

Rakesh Roshan commented on the popularity of the South Korean movies RRR and Pushpa, saying, “They are still sticking to rooted storylines and they are presenting them in a highly modernised way, keeping in mind the commercial sensibility. The stories in movies like RRR and Baahubali are battered to death. Baahubali and Karan Arjun are quite similar. However, it was displayed on a larger scale. People were drawn in because even the tunes were exaggerated. Or otherwise, Bollywood moviemakers’ pata nahin kya ho gaya hai. They have strayed from the foundations of being Indian. Only 1% of the public can support so-called “contemporary movies,” despite their best efforts. It does not serve centres B and C. Therefore, it will be appealing to everyone if you choose topics that appeal to the C, B, and A centres and deliver them in a really creative way.

The much-anticipated Krrish 4 film, starring Rakesh Roshan’s brother Hrithik, is now under production.

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