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Friday, January 27, 2023
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Delhi Reports 2,146 Fresh Covid Cases With 8 Deaths On Wednesday

According to information provided by the health department, Delhi recorded eight coronavirus-related deaths on Wednesday, the most in almost 180 days, and 2,146 new cases with a positive rate of 17.83%.

On February 13, the national capital reported 12 deaths caused by the virus.

Delhi reported 2,495 new coronavirus cases on Tuesday, with a positive rate of 15.41% and seven fatalities.

On Sunday, 1,372 infections and six fatalities were reported in the nation’s capital, and the case positive rate increased to 17.85%, the highest level since January 21, according to the report.

On Monday, the government did not issue the daily health bulletin.

The optimism rating was 18.04 percent on January 21.

The health department notice noted that the new cases on Tuesday were derived from 12,036 COVID-19 testing.

According to the report, Delhi’s caseload grew to 19,75,540 cases and the number of deaths to 26,351 as a result of the new infections and fatalities.

According to data updated on Sunday, Delhi had reported 2,423 COVID-19 cases with a positive rate of 14.97% and two fatalities.

It reported 2,311 COVID-19 cases on Saturday, with a positive rate of 13.84% and one fatality.

There were 2,419 instances reported on Friday, with a positive rate of 12.95%, and two persons died as a result of the illness.

There were four fatalities and 2,202 cases on Thursday in the city, with a positive rate of 11.84 percent.

In Delhi, 2,073 COVID-19 cases were reported on Wednesday, with a positive rate of 11.64 percent and five fatalities.

On June 25, six persons passed away from the illness.

In Delhi, there are currently 8,205 active COVID-19 cases, down from 8,506 the day before. According to the bulletin, up to 5,549 patients are being held in their homes.

536 of the 9,405 beds set aside in various Delhi hospitals for COVID-19 patients were occupied. It claimed that there were empty beds at Covid care facilities and Covid health facilities.

The city has 259 containment zones, it was added.

During the third wave of the pandemic, the daily COVID-19 cases in Delhi reached a record high of 28,867 on January 13 of this year.

On January 14, the city had a positive rate of 30.6%, which was the highest at the time of the pandemic’s third wave.

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