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Consider Lockdown To Break Transmission, Says SC

After hearing the measures taken to curb the Covid-19 spread hit by the second wave, the Supreme Court on Sunday said that Centre and state governments should consider lockdown to break the chain of transmission.

“In light of the continuing surge of infections in the second wave of the pandemic, we direct the Central Government and State Governments to put on record the efforts taken to curb the spread of the virus and the measures that they plan on taking in the near future,” said the Court court.

The full statement that the court stated said, “At the same time, we would seriously urge the Central and State Governments to consider imposing a ban on mass gatherings and super spreader events. They may also consider imposing a lockdown to curb the virus in the second wave in the interest of public welfare.”

The Supreme court also said that all measures to save the vulnerable part of the society must strictly be taken.

“We are cognizant of the socio-economic impact of a lockdown, specifically, on the marginalized communities. Thus, in case the measure of a lockdown is imposed, arrangements must be made beforehand to cater to the needs of these communities,” said SC.

The Prime Minister had announced a strict nationwide lockdown in March last year on which experts gave their different opinions if the lockdown could have been better. The sudden lockdown led thousands of migrant labourers walking in groups towards their homes as there was no conveyence for them to return back to their homes.

However, lockdown-like restrictions are already been imposed in many states across the country that includes night curfews, Section 144 of CrPC, no opening of any public places –markets, shopping complexes, malls, gyms, spas, amusement parks, theaters etc and also no movement except emergency and essential services.

On Sunday India reported a daily spike of 3.92 lakh fresh Covid-19 cases with 3,689 fatalities in 24 hours. The country has been continuously recording a steep rise in cases that has pressurized the health infrastructure resulting in shortage of medical oxygen, medicines, beds, vaccines etc.

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