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Congress Leader Alleges Intelligence Bureau For Hindering Secrecy Of Bharat Jodo Yatra

On Sunday, Congressman Jairam Ramesh claimed that the Intelligence Bureau was questioning those who spoke with Rahul Gandhi on the Bharat Jodo Yatra.

In addition to denying there is any secrecy around the Yatra, the Congressman took a shot at both Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah, calling them both “nervous.”

“IB is questioning numerous individuals who spoke with @RahulGandhi during the #BharatJodoYatra. The detectives want copies of the memo that was given to them and are asking a variety of questions. The yatra is not a secret, but it is obvious that Modi and Shah are anxious “Ramesh sent a tweet.

Rahul Gandhi, the leader of the Congress, had already claimed that China and Pakistan were preparing jointly and that any war would be fought against both nations.

The Congress MP was seen engaging with military veterans on the Bharat Jodo Yatra in a YouTube video posted on Rahul Gandhi’s channel “Since China and Pakistan have united, the country will suffer a great loss if there is a war since it will involve both nations. India is currently quite exposed. I admire and adore you (Army), in addition to having respect for you. You protect this country. Without you, this country would not exist.”

The Congressman clarified, “When China and Pakistan were our two opponents, our objective was to keep them apart. Initially, it was stated that a two-front war should not occur. Now, however, it is believed that a two-front conflict including Pakistan, China, and terrorism is actually a two-front war. China and Pakistan are fighting on the same front right now. If a war breaks out, both will be involved. They are collaborating economically as well as militarily.”

According to Praful Bakshi, a defence expert, what Rahul Gandhi mentioned about China and Pakistan working together is nothing new, and the Army is prepared to respond to an attack from either nation.

Mr. Bakshi remarked, “What was novel about what Rahul Gandhi said? Even if China and Pakistan launch an attack simultaneously, we are ready. All necessary preparations have been made.”

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