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Congress Convenes Meeting To Resolve Situation Among CM Gehlot And Sachin Pilot

According to party sources, the Congress party has scheduled a meeting for Thursday to address the issue involving Congressman Sachin Pilot and Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot. A party source stated that Sachin Pilot “could also be called to present his side in this meeting.” Sukhjinder Randhawa, the Congress representative for Rajasthan, met with Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge in Delhi to discuss this and gave him an update on the state of affairs.

“I concur that corruption is a problem, but Sachin Pilot’s approach is flawed. He ought to have brought it up during the assembly. We talked for 30 minutes with Sachin Pilot today, and we’ll talk again tomorrow. I’ll examine everything and write a report outlining who is at fault. I didn’t think that the press conference he gave was pro-party. I’ll present a thorough report,” he declared on Wednesday.

When questioned about claims of inaction made against Ashok Gehlot’s supporters over the failure to hold a Congress Legislative Party meeting in the lead-up to the party’s presidential election despite the presence of central observers, Randhawa responded that he was not the AICC’s Rajasthan in-charge at the time. “This time, action will be taken,” Randhawa added, “action that should have been taken in the past but was not done.”

After receiving the report from Sukhjinder Randhawa, Congress President Kharge met with Rahul Gandhi to discuss the issue. “After receiving the report from Randhawa, Kharge spoke with Rahul about it today. Rahul will now talk to Sonia about this. President of the Congress will consider the Gandhi family’s viewpoint. Kharge will make the final choice, according to sources.

Pilot’s fast has sparked a new dilemma for the state’s ruling Congress, with the action being seen as a charge of “sitting on corruption cases” against Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot. The Congress expressed concern about party leader Sachin Pilot’s daylong fast in support of his call for “action on corruption” during the BJP government’s rule, claiming it is against party interests and a “anti-party activity”.

In a statement on Monday, Randhawa claimed that Pilot, a former deputy chief minister of the state, had never discussed the matter with him. “Sachin Pilot’s one-day fast is against the interests of the party and is anti-party behaviour. The party forums are a better place to bring up concerns about his own government than the media or the general public, according to Randhawa.

Months before the state’s impending assembly elections this year, a new dilemma has arisen. Pilot is regarded as a chief ministerial contender, but Gehlot, who did not run for president of the Congress, is adamant that he not be given control of the government. Pilot launching a “rebellion” against Gehlot in 2020 brought out the stark disparities between the two. The two leaders have already exchanged barbs on numerous occasions.

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