Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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Congress alleges BJP Mayor for performing photo-shoot session with vehicles carrying Covid corpses

A controversy has prompted after Madhya Pradesh BJP vice president Alok Sharma allegedly took photographs with six vehicles carrying Covid dead patients and then flagged off them.

The incident came from Bhopal on Monday.

Congress has highly criticised the Bhopal mayor for taking photographs with the vehicles. The left party has also alleged that the vehicles heading towards the crematoriums even had to wait because of the Alok Sharma’s move.

Calling the act “shameless” the Madhya Pradesh Congress spokesperson Narendra Saluja slammed the BJP leader through his twitter handle by saying that the “BJP was creating photo-shoot opportunities even during the disaster”.

The spokesperson also cited one more such recent incident in which a BJP minister Tulsi Ram Silawat and his supporters followed many rituals in front of an oxygen tanker including breaking coconuts and offering prayers. The tanker was transporting oxygen to treat Covid ill patients in Indore. He also said that the tanker had to wait for due to the BJP leader’s programme.

However, the BJP vice president Alok Sharma has denied the allegations and said that no vehicle was stopped due to any of his acts.

“I handed over the vehicles to the hospitals as a good deed. The Congress is presenting the incident incorrectly. I am sad because I keep getting calls from people asking what the truth of this matter is. Who all should I keep clarifying to?” said Sharna.

In the mean time, the state has reported over 13,000 Covid cases with 79 deaths in last 24 hours. Lining up with many states MP is also facing a big shortage of Covid related supplies such as medical oxygen, vaccines etc.

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