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Comedian Sunil Pal Expresses Disappointment Over Sonakshi Sinha’s Non Inclusion Of Her Parents During Wedding

Sonakshi Sinha and her partner Zaheer Iqbal are getting ready to marry the wedding. On June 23, the couple is reportedly being married in a formal court ceremony. Many people, including Sonakshi’s father, legendary actor Shatrughan Sinha, who has stated that he is not aware of his daughter’s wedding plans, are surprised by this good news. Now, comedian Sunil Pal has expressed his displeasure with Sonakshi for supposedly choosing not to include her parents at her nuptials.

In a video message, Sunil remarked, “This may be breaking news for friends, but for Shatrughan Sinha, this is heart-breaking news. Unhone zindagi bhar ‘aaj mere yaar ki shaadi hai’ gaana gaya hai. But he wasn’t even aware of his own daughter’s wedding. Sona, tumse yeh ummeed nahin thi (I hadn’t expected this from you, Sonakshi.) If you had called your father to your wedding, he would have definitely come.”

When news agency reached out to Shatrughan Sinha for a comment, he said, “Her happiness is our happiness, she is the apple of our eyes. Our blessings are always with her.” Meanwhile, Sonakshi’s brother Luv Sinha chose to remain silent on the wedding rumors, stating that he has no involvement in the matter.

According to media sources, the couple has extended invites to their close friends and relatives. The invitation indicates a celebration of their union but does not go into detail about an ornate wedding ceremony. The dress code for the wedding is formal and festive, with the celebrations set to take place at Bastian – At The Top restaurant in the Dadar area of Mumbai.

It is said that Sonakshi and Zaheer had been cohabiting for a year. They are reported to have bonded fast after meeting at a gathering that Salman Khan held. Salman Khan Productions launched the careers of both performers; Sonakshi debuted in 2010 with Dabangg, while Zaheer debuted in the 2019 film Notebook. The couple has not revealed anything about their relationship or their upcoming wedding to the public, despite the rumours.

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